India Game Developer Conference kick-starts in Hyderabad

The India Game Developer Conference’s (IGDC) eleventh edition took off in Hyderabad on Friday with participation from the gamer community across several countries, developers and global companies.

Held as part of Indiajoy 2019, the premier gaming, media and entertainment event is being hosted in partnership with Green Gold Animation. IGDC hopes to redefine the way gaming is perceived in the region and nurture a community without barriers.

The two-day conference offers attendees several talks, workshops, panel discussions and esports tournaments. Nearly 30 top gaming companies from across the globe are participating.

IGDC Chairman Rajesh Rao said, “Over 25-30 top gaming companies, who have changed the face of the industry, have made this event one-of-a-kind.”

On the initiatives of the Telangana government to cater to the interests of the gaming industry, IT secretary Jayesh Ranjan said, “The (IGDC) edition has grown bigger from time to time and the Telangana government has been making concentrated efforts to promote the gaming sector consistently.”

The Image Tower, which the Telangana government is looking to construct by end of 2020, would to redefine the gaming industry in the country, where the state government plans to provide robust infrastructure with a business-friendly environment to encourage investments, said Ranjan.

The Telangana government was in talks with a few top universities in the UK that were looking to setup their off-campus sites in Hyderabad, which would widen the horizons of the industry and gaming enthusiasts, said Ranjan. “There is a great need to come up with world-class educational institutions in the State to foster budding gaming enthusiasts. A Centre of Excellence for the gaming, animation and VFX is in the offing.”