Tamil Nadu at work on safe & ethical AI policy

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu will unveil a policy for safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI), a top state government official said, in what is arguably a first-of-its-kind move in the country.

“While there is a lot of talk around AI, to condense it in the form of policy has not been done before, to be best of my knowledge,” Santhosh Mishra, CEO of Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency, said. The agency executes cost-effective governance projects using frontier technologies such machine learning, drones, augmented reality, among others.

The government will also bring out a rule book for state agencies and vendors who use AI for governance services, to help handle private individual data in a sensitive manner.

The policy will be released along with the blockchain and electronics hardware policy in about three weeks, according to another top government official.

“Government departments will begin to use AI progressively. We have created a matrix which will indicate if the AI is used in a safe and ethical way. Government departments, when they do a tender, need to ask themselves these questions. I should not be doing AI on your data; things like that and more,” the official said.

Ethical implementation of AI goes beyond data privacy. Machine learning algorithms, an instance of AI, give different results for different data, meaning the data fed into such software need to be free of all kinds of identity biases.