DuckDuckGo back to help users search internet in India

Privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo said that the search engine is accessible to users to search the internet in India days after the department of telecom blocked the platform. “We’re seeing our services being broadly restored in India. Thank you for all of your reports, bringing attention to this issue,” the company said on microblogging platform Twitter.

It asked users to report to the internet freedom foundation if they continued to have difficulties in accessing the search engine. Last week, users accessing the search engine were thrown a notification saying that it was being blocked by internet service providers on the direction of DoT.

DuckDuckGo has emerged as the second most used search engine in the world after Google, due to its focus on privacy. The search engine says it doesn't collect any personal information on those who use it. It also doesn't throw up the IP address of the user. DuckDuckGo is increasingly popular among users who do not want to have their searches online traced.