TikTok stars get lakhs of new followers on Instagram

New Delhi: TikTok stars and celebrities have been gaining lakhs of new followers on rival Facebook’s photo sharing app Instagram since the ByteDance owned app was banned alongside 58 other Chinese apps on June 29.

Industry watchers said Instagram seems to be the most obvious migration platform for the followers of these TikTok stars as they already had existing accounts on the app.

These users became household names after their popularity soared on TikTok.

As per shared with ET by influencer data analysis platform Qoruz, between June 29 to July 2, TikTok star Awez Darbar added around 1.40 lakh new followers to his account awez_darbar on Instagram.

Popular young stars like Jannat Zubair Rahmani and Sayyed Arishfa Khan added around 2 lakh new followers each.

Followers of other TikTokers such as Faisal Shaikh, popuarly known as Mr Faisu, Nisha Guragain, Bhavin Bhanushali and Nagma Mirajkar have also been growing significantly as per Qoruz.

Compared to a week ago, Faisal Shaikh's followers on July 1 grew by around 1.3 lakh. Numbers for Radhika Bangia, another popular TikToker, grew by 1 lakh.

“In terms of absolute numbers, the growth is pretty high considering it has been just three days. Other apps are also calling us for creator on-boarding. Tik Tok users will move to other platforms. Right now Instagram is the most tried and tested platform and we are hearing this from agencies handling digital media budgets of brands as well,” said Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, Founder and CEO, Qoruz.

Instagram did not respond to an email seeking comments but an executive familiar with matters said creators who were present on TikTok were making a lot of shout outs in terms of moving to other platforms.

“They were already on Instagram but a lot of them were more active on TikTok. So, there has been movement and that is why time spent on the app has gone up, he said.

A spokesperson for Awez Darbar and users such as Arishfa Khan declined to comment.

“Our followers on Instagram have grown by 1.5 to 2 lakh since the ban. We stand by the country and it is of utmost importance. We are with them,” said Surabhi Mehra who is visible by the name Chinki Minki on Instagram alongside her identical twin sister Samriddhi Mehra.

Mehra said the duo have about 92 lakh followers on TikTok. On Instagram they have around 22 lakh followers.

“Apps like ShareChat and Chingari have a long way to go to become relevant for brands. TikTok gained currency in the last one year. When we use TikTok influencers we also try to bundle the deal with their Instagram accounts as well,” said Sanjay Vasudeva, founder of influencer marketing firm BuzzOne which has worked with brands such as Amazon and Dettol.