Influencers churn out tutorials as #howtomakemoney trends

MUMBAI: Social media influencers are creating content on how to make money online, prompted by queries from people scarred by uncertainty in the jobs market due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

These influencers are sharing detailed tutorials on short-term and long-term money-making avenues, including content writing, blogging, gaming, affiliate or referral marketing, participation in paid surveys, apps review, and teaching courses online. They are also recommending websites like, and, among others, where users can create profiles and apply for project-based gigs. These can be in areas as varied as programming, coding, voice-overs, logo design, translation, transcribing and video-editing.

Some of their videos have garnered over 200,000 views and thousands of comments.

Regional influencers like @businessdoctor94, who posts in Malayalam on short video platform TikTok, share videos in their native tongues so that the message reaches a wider audience.

Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram, has seen a 100% month-on-month increase in the number of posts with hashtags related to this category — like #PassiveIncomeStreams and #PassiveIncomeOnline — ever since the pandemic began to take a toll on employment opportunities across the world, according to data shared by Qoruz, a Bengaluru-based influencer data analytics firm.

The search term “How to make money online” had an interest score of Zero on YouTube search in India on March 24, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the first nationwide lockdown. The very next day, March 25, it had climbed to 100, the top score for search trends on the video-sharing site, which were observed after analysing an 80-day period from March 1 to May 19.

YouTuber Satish Kushwaha, who posts funny and motivational content in Hindi for his 500,000 subscribers across three channels, says that 80-90% of his current content revolves around the online-money-making theme.

In Bengaluru, Gyansheel Kumar’s TikTok follower-count has gone up from a mere 86 at the beginning of March to a whopping 223,000 as of May 20, simply because of this kind of content.

“Before that, I did lip-syncing and dancing videos on the platform,” says Kumar, originally from Patna.