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Emu Loader logo

Emu Loader

September 30 2019 Developed by Emu Loader Comments(5)

A straightforward tool that allows you to access console game emulators via a graphical interface for more convenient management

RetroArch logo


May 18 2020 Developed by libretro Comments(5)

Play classical games and launch old applications on modern computers and consoles using this cross-platform, open-source emulator that has an online library, achievements, and more

PaperCubes logo


Apr 23rd 2018 Developed by Florian Fechner Comments(1)

Turn Minecraft custom schematics into printable documents for origami or other kind of decoration after merging the files with texture packs

Ready Maker logo

Ready Maker

March 4 2020 Developed by Ready Makers, Inc. Comments(3)

Create apps and take your first steps in game design with the help of this interesting and very novice-accessible digital creation tool

Corsair Utility Engine logo

Corsair Utility Engine

April 23 2020 Developed by Corsair Comments(1)

Control the lighting, mappings and behavior of your Corsair mice, keyboards, headsets and other peripherals, with this feature-packed and easy-to-use application

BYOND logo


October 16 2019 Developed by BYOND Software Comments(1)

Play 2D indie games using a simple desktop client that gives you access to many titles and provides development tools for game making

Pricer logo


November 13 2018 Developed by siegrest Comments(3)

Get the average price of an item in Path of Exile with a simple right-click, with this open-source utility that makes it easier to sell low-value items

Godot Engine logo

Godot Engine

May 8 2020 Developed by Juan Linietsky & Ariel Manzur Comments(4)

Get involved with 2D and 3D game development using this free and open-source engine that helps you get ready with various templates

Text IT-BO logo

Text IT-BO

Jan 23rd 2018 Developed by MetalloSoft Comments(1)

Paste various pre-configured text messages with the press of a hotkey, with this unobtrusive application designed with gamers in mind

Chess Tournaments logo

Chess Tournaments

August 1 2019 Developed by bdshahab Comments(2)

Organize chess tournaments by connecting with your friends using other computers anywhere in the world, thanks to this application

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