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CopyFolders logo


Apr 26th 2018 Developed by ezio2000 Comments(4)

A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to copy new or modified files from their source directories to other destination folders

Finnalytics File Explorer logo

Finnalytics File Explorer

June 5 2020 Developed by Finnalytics Comments(5)

Search for or navigate to the files' location on your hard drive to copy, arrange, delete, rename or sent to fax using this appealing app

fman logo


May 1 2020 Developed by Michael Herrmann Comments(4)

Dual-pane file manager for Windows, Mac OS and Linux with a minimalistic interface, focus on enhanced performance, and support for open-source plugins

Tablacus Explorer logo

Tablacus Explorer

May 18 2020 Developed by X-Finder Gaku Comments(5)

Tabbed file manager that you can use to organize files and directories with ease, saving your settings to XML file format for later use

XYplorer logo


June 25 2020 Developed by Donald Lessau Comments(2)

Tabbed file manager with powerful content manipulation options, advanced search and preview functionality, all to ease your daily tasks

Shallot logo


May 5 2019 Developed by Josef Hahn Comments(1)

Seamlessly manage the directories and files on your computer and modify, delete or add new attributes via this straightforward application

Soft4Boost Device Uploader logo

Soft4Boost Device Uploader

May 18 2020 Developed by Sorentio Systems Ltd Comments(5)

Effortlessly upload pictures, clips and audio files to your smartphones or other portable devices with the help of this user-friendly and intuitive app

Unreal Commander logo

Unreal Commander

June 21 2020 Developed by Max Diesel Comments(5)

Navigate and organize your files and folders with this customizable, dual-panel file manager that offers numerous useful functions

XplorPlus logo


Feb 3rd 2018 Developed by Raysoft Systems Comments(4)

Manage the files and folders on your computer, organize photos, create web galleries, convert images and more, with this powerful software solution

Q-Dir logo


June 19 2020 Developed by Nenad Hrg Comments(4)

View and manage the contents of four folders at the same time, transfer files easily and increase your overall productivity, with this nifty application

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