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dayAlarm logo


May 30th 2014 Developed by Fajar Khairil Comments(4)

A straightforward piece of software that helps you set up multiple alarms and personalize them, while allowing you to play sound notifications, show popup messages, run custom utilities, and shut down the computer

Atlas Hard Drive LED logo

Atlas Hard Drive LED

Aug 21st 2017 Developed by Atlas Industries Comments(3)

Make sure that you are always aware whether your hard drive is writing when you have no other way to learn more about this info via this app

VB6 Runtime Library logo

VB6 Runtime Library

Sep 20th 2006 Developed by Camtech 2000 Comments(1)

VB6 Runtime Library offers users system files needed for some applications

Core Temp logo

Core Temp

May 26 2019 Developed by Arthur Liberman Comments(5)

Monitor CPU core temperature and automatically shut down, hibernate the PC or put it to sleep to prevent hardware overheating using this compact tool with system tray indicators

Imago recorder logo

Imago recorder

Apr 15th 2010 Developed by Henrik. Comments(1)

Record the activities of the system operations

USB History GUI logo

USB History GUI

Apr 11th 2013 Developed by Rohit Nair Comments(3)

Show USB Drive Usage History

System Monitor II logo

System Monitor II

May 17 2019 Developed by Igor "Igogo" Bushyn Comments(2)

A useful sidebar gadget that enables you to monitor the health of your computer by keeping an eye on the CPU and the memory usage

GPU Monitor logo

GPU Monitor

June 3 2019 Developed by Igor "Igogo" Bushyn Comments(3)

Easily track the status of your graphic card and keep an eye on the used memory and its temperature in order to avoid overheating

Top Process Monitor logo

Top Process Monitor

April 8 2019 Developed by Igor "Igogo" Bushyn Comments(3)

Display the top most used processes on your system by turning to this lightweight gadget that lets you adjust some of its settings

Connection Watcher logo

Connection Watcher

October 8 2018 Developed by Igor "Igogo" Bushyn Comments(4)

You can easily track connections for specified URL addresses, by activating this simple gadget and viewing the status it indicates

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