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Jun 13th 2009 Developed by Shane Isbell Comments(4)

Provides standard archiving and compression utilities for use within .NET environments

Binary Browser logo

Binary Browser

August 27 2019 Developed by Papyrus Software Comments(4)

View and edit hexadecimal code, generate regular expression scripts, define compound data structures and compare files, with this comprehensive tool

Construct 2 logo

Construct 2

February 25 2020 Developed by Scirra Comments(4)

Easily develop 2D video games without coding experience, thanks to this intuitive gaming engine that has a drag-and-drop visual editor

LIVEditor logo


Oct 20th 2017 Developed by Edwin Yip Comments(2)

A simple and efficient application designed as a HTML and CSS code editor, meant to assist you in performing and saving changes you made to your file

Puppet Enterprise logo

Puppet Enterprise

May 12 2020 Developed by Puppet Labs Comments(5)

IT automation software for remotely deploying critical applications and speeding up repetitive tasks, dedicated to system administrators

Vov Http Requester logo

Vov Http Requester

March 31 2020 Developed by VOVSOFT Comments(5)

Request GET and POST HTTP queries, displaying the inputs within its main window, and allowing you to import and export data in CSV format

DevWeb Pro logo

DevWeb Pro

Apr 18th 2014 Developed by Komal Paudyal Comments(5)

An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that comes in handy to all those who want to quickly and effortlessly design webpages

CuteHTML Pro logo

CuteHTML Pro

Jan 7th 2015 Developed by GlobalScape Comments(3)

A robust website creation tool and code editing system, with support for various programming languages, projects and editing tools

Boks logo


Feb 5th 2011 Developed by TOKI WOKI Comments(5)

Design your visual grids with this tool.

FastoRedis logo


July 13 2019 Developed by FastoRedis Comments(3)

A Redis management tool that provides a GUI-based alternative to the Redis CLI shell, allowing you to run the same commands and execute code

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