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UIF2ISO logo


Jun 18th 2012 Developed by Luigi Auriemma Comments(4)

Converts single and multipart UIF file images to the original ISO format

FileMenu Tools logo

FileMenu Tools

October 5 2019 Developed by LopeSoft Comments(5)

Improve the Windows Explorer context menu by customizing it with your own items and shortcuts to improve your workflow and productivity

ShortcutCenter logo


May 16th 2016 Developed by Sprendon Comments(5)

Easily create groups of shortcuts for the programs that you are using regularly in your various projects with this simple software solution

ViGlance logo


May 16th 2012 Developed by Lee Matthew Chantrey Comments(5)

Bring the Windows 7 taskbar looks onto your XP computer

Lovely Folders logo

Lovely Folders

Jun 13th 2012 Developed by Lovelysoft Comments(2)

An application that enables you to change the icons of your folders with custom images and also change their background appearance

EasyDeskXP logo


Oct 28th 2015 Developed by neo2k2 Comments(5)

Extend your desktop's functionality with a custom panel that can hold launchers for websites, documents, and executable files, while helpful details like battery life are shown

Chillout Timer logo

Chillout Timer

Feb 5th 2016 Developed by Mr2 Comments(4)

Effortlessly set alarms on your computer so you remember about other important tasks you need to do in a day using this software solution

AKIN HyperSearch logo

AKIN HyperSearch

September 27 2019 Developed by Grapple Data Technology Comments(2)

Locate files on your computer and select from various filters (e.g. images, videos, websites, emails, organizations) to increase search speed

SpeedRunner logo


Jan 11th 2016 Developed by belintesa Corp. Comments(1)

A powerful, yet highly intuitive multi-thread file manager that helps users get a clear overview of the files types they have in each folder

FreeDuplicateRemover logo


Mar 3rd 2015 Developed by LipoCodes Comments(2)

Identify duplicate files on your computer and have them removed for more space and better performance by using this user-friendly application

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